Antifascism is vital


Nine locations in Baden-Wuerttemberg were searched by the police on the 02.07.2020. One Person, the antifascist Jo was arrested and is now in pretrial detention in Stammheim.

Thus we will meet Friday the 10.07.2020 at 20:00 at Haagtor in Tuebingen for a protest march in solidarity with the affected people.

Amongst others the housing project Lu15 was a target again. At six AM a homogeneous, masked and heavily armed mob, seemingly ready to use violence, entered private dwelling, again.

During this process the police also charged rooms in which they met i.a. naked individuals which did not find time to get dressed between the „Police“ shouts and the securing of the area (i.e. rooms). To those affected the officer-in-charge was not named, again.

The individual directly affected by the raid was taken to the police station and had DNA extracted under objection. Additional information on lu15[point]de

The alleged reasoning for this repeated attempt at intimidation was an attack on neonazis with good contacts to NSU framework on the 16.05.2020. The Lu15 resident, same as the affected in other citys, was accused of participation in form of violation of the public peace.

The technical devices of the accused in Tuebingen seemed to be of utmost interest, which coincidentally is also a scientific staff member of the political party „Die Linke“. During the raid parliamentary discs were confiscated too.
It remains unclear how the police will argue their exceeding of competence this time, as the accused was not present in Stuttgart at said date. The question remains, that maybe all justifications for the raids were far-fetched or made up?

The Lu15 raids as well as those in other citys are a further attack aimed at left-wing activists and structures. Police and state show once again, they are acting against antifascist resistance.

At a time in which rightist thinking seems to become more and more socially acceptable and when it joins the Bundestag, at a time when ten people are killed in Hanau, at a time when right-wing extremist networks are formed in police and army, at a time when right-wing extremists hoard weapons and create death lists, at a time when mass murder in a synagogue is planned on the most important jewish holiday, at that time antifascist resistance is vital.


No matter how often they try, we will not let them get us down.

We stand with Jo, the Lu15 and all those affected by repression.

Become active and make a statement against fascism and repression!

Join the protest on the 10th of July.


We hope for a big and punchy demonstration, which is open to everybody. who wants to support us. Please bring a mask and leave your party’s flags at home!